Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Countdown Begins

One month from today is Ash Wednesday- the day I will kick-off my pre-Easter devotional series, The 40 Day Adventure: Sanctuary.  For those of you who were not with me for last year's event, this is not your normal set of devotionals.  Each week has its' own unique style.  We will fast- but not just from food.  We will study scripture. We will "soak" in song lyrics.  We will pray.  We will walk together up the hill to Calvary to see Jesus give His life so that we may live.  We will gather at the tomb on the third day to remember the resurrection.  And we will do it together.

Over the next month I will continue to offer "teasers" of what to expect on the adventure.  We will prepare our hearts and minds for the adventure.  We will celebrate Fat Tuesday together.  For now, know this:  Sanctuary, as it applies to our time together, is not a building or a room.  It is an experience of being safe in the arms of God.  And where else would you rather be?  Until next time, be blessed!

He is Risen!

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