Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 26- "Surely God Is With Us"

We looked yesterday at the scandal of the Christ. Did you ever wonder what it was like to be with Jesus that last week in Jerusalem?  Before the dinner in Bethany, before the foot-washing, before the Last Supper and before the arrest?  Can you imagine the gossip and the whispering that must have been going on?  Read the words below and listen to the song, performed into a personal tape recorder at a country church by the great Rich Mullins just a few weeks before his death. They capture many of the emotions that must have been present that week with both the followers and the enemies of Jesus. At what moment would you have realized that God had come to earth to dwell among us?  Or would you and I, like so many, have missed it altogether...

Surely God Is With Us -  Beaker and Mark Robertson (The Jesus Record)
Well, who's that man who thinks He's a prophet?
Well, I wonder if He's got something up His sleeve
Where's He from? Who is His daddy?
There's rumors He even thinks Himself a king
Of a kingdom of paupers
Simpletons and rogues
The whores all seem to love Him
And the drunks propose a toast

And they say, "Surely God is with us.
Well, surely God is with us."
They say, "Surely God is with us today!"

Who's that man who says He's a preacher?
Well, He must be, He's disturbing all our peace
Where's He get off, and what is He hiding
And every word He says those fools believe
Who could move a mountain?
Who would love their enemy?
Who could rejoice in pain?
And turn the other cheek?

And still say, "Surely God is with us,
Well, surely God is with us,"
Who'll say, "Surely God is with us today, today!"
They say, "Surely God is with us
Well, surely God is with us"
They say, "Surely God is with us"

Blessed are the poor in spirit
Heaven belongs to them
Blessed are those who make peace
They are God's children
I Am the Bread of Life, and the Way"
You hear that Man, believe what He says!

Tell me, who's that Man, they made Him a prisoner
They tortured Him and nailed Him to a tree
Well if He's so bad, who did He threaten?
Did He deserve to die between two thieves?
See the scars and touch His wounds
He's risen flesh and bone
Now the sinners have become the saints
And the lost have all come home

And they say, "Surely God is with us
Well, surely God is with us,"
They say, "Surely God is with us today!"

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