Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 31- Meditative Prayer

Today you will need to find a quiet place and some quiet time to try this powerful prayer exercise.  Find a comfortable chair or seat.  Sit quietly for moment, clearing your mind of the normal daily junk and asking God to be with you as you pray.  Place your hands flat on your knees, palms down.  Then spend a few moments listing all of the things in your life you want to give to God.  This could be problems, addictions, habits, broken relationships and more.  Take you time and list them slowly.  When you are done, close by saying this line: "Jesus, all of these things I give to you, palms down." 

Then turn your palms up and begin again- this asking God for things.  They may be personal or you may be interceding on behalf of others.  Again, pray slowly and with conviction.  At the conclusion say this:  "Thank you, LORD, for all of the blessings you have already given me.  These things I ask for palms up." 

I encourage you to make this exercise a regular part of your prayer life.  It has, for many years, made a huge difference in mine.  It is an easy and amazing way to find sanctuary in the midst of the busyness of this world.

He Is Risen!

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