Thursday, April 14, 2011

Day 32- The Evidence of God

Geoff Moore and Roscoe Meeks wrote a song for the Geoff Moore & the Distance album Home Run called The Evidence of God.  The refrain goes as follows: 

Every mountain, every valley, Your creation, it surrounds me.
Every breath I breath, every heartbeat, every sunrise that You give to me.
Every blue sky, every starry night, paint a picture we cannot deny.
Like a warm rain in the summertime, like a first kiss or a baby's cry.
These and so much more tell a story we cannot ignore,
The evidence of God

On a live recording of the song I have, Geoff implores the crowd to "Look around and SEE the evidence."  That's what we are.  Make a list of everything you encounter today that is proof of God in your life.  It may be the sunset, or your the love of your spouse.  At the end of the day, take the list and thank God for everything on it.  And don't forget to include yourself.  "Even our own lives will testify to the evidence of God."  Hallelujah!

He Is Risen!

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