Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 14- Social Networking Act of Service

We continue Acts of Service Week here at The 40 Day Adventure with something a bit out of the ordinary.  Since you are online reading this blog, chances are excellent that you participate in a social network of some sort. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or something completely different, you are likely in a network with people you barely know and/or take for granted.  Today, change that for at least one person. Shower them with love and attention through your social network.  Remind them all day that they are special because God loves them.  Help them to understand the the safety and comfort of finding sanctuary in the arms of a living God has changed your life.  Open the door to future conversations and relationships.  Contact them at least 5 times today.  Be bold, and invite them to join you the Lenten season on the journey to the Cross- and the resurrection.  God's love is all around us- even in cyberspace.  Share it!

He Is Risen!

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