Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 2- A Prayer of Preparation

Today, find some time to create a safe and holy space- a Sanctuary- for just a few moments.  Settle your mind into a peaceful state with a minute of silence.  Feel the presence of the Holy Spirit- for it never forsakes you.  Then read this prayer aloud.  Think about what you are asking God to do- to be with you, to guide you, and to daily remind you of what Jesus did for you.  Then pray the prayer again- perhaps sharing it with family or friends this time.  Make this your commitment to spend these 40 days with the living Christ.  Let us pray:

Dear God,

Guide my thoughts and actions as I travel the road to the Cross over these next 40 days.  Help me to grow closer to Jesus and more aware of the many blessings you have placed in my life.  Challenge me to step out in faith.  Help me worship you with a deeper passion, and push me to love others as you love me.  Take me in your loving arms and show me what it really means to find sanctuary in You.  Thank You for your grace, your mercy, and especially for the gift of your Son.  Walk with me through this adventure.

In Jesus Name,

He Is Risen!

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