Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 20- A Day of Fasting

When we think of fasting in this 21st century world we most often think of not eating.  And that is still a very valid fast, if you understand why it is a spiritual exercise and not just a form of dieting.  But today I want to challenge you to a deeper fast- if only for one day.  I have some suggestions for you, and I would like to encourage you to pick one for tomorrow.  Make April Fool's Day a holy day this year.  Be a fool for Christ.  Choose one or more of the following:
  • Give up your favorite beverage from sunrise until bedtime.  Every time you think about drinking it, pray instead- asking God to give you strength is all things.
  • Try spending a day without one piece of technology.  Be it your phone, I-Pod, computer, I-Pad or whatever- just let it go for one day.  Use the time you will suddenly have on your hands ways you could spend more time with God.
  • Leave the television off for a day.  Some of you will be amazed at how much time you have.  Read Matthew 5:1-8 and write down what you learn about taking time for the things of God.
  • What is it you need to give up most to improve your relationship with God?  Do you have a habit or addiction (smoking, anger, language, greed) that you need to get rid of?  Start by letting go for one day.  Write down what it would feel like to be free of your issue, even if just for one day.
So there you go.  Take part in this one day fast.  Find sanctuary in the arms of a God who loves you so much He sent his only Son to die for you, and who wants to spend time with you.  Blessing to you!

He Is Risen!

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